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For the love of agriculture

Why do those of us in agriculture do what we do?

For some it’s a calling. For others it’s their family heritage. For everyone, it’s an opportunity to help put nutritious food on Americans’ plates.

Regardless of our motivation, a love of agriculture is the common thread that unites us across different ages, locations and crops. 

In our latest social media campaign featuring Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association members (#FortheLoveofAg), we gave consumers a closer look into the lives of farmers. We asked producers and those in businesses that support agriculture what is so rewarding about their livelihood. The responses were as varied as FFVA’s membership. Some talked about meeting the daily challenges of planting, harvesting and marketing their crops. Others reflected on what makes a good day on the farm. 

Blueberry and citrus producer Chuck Allison of Wild Goose Farms talked about gratitude and the blessings of farming. “A good day on the farm is when everything's running smoothly, and you slow down long enough to realize what a blessing God has given you,” he said. “And in that moment you realize how grateful you are to be able to farm on productive land, to work with great people, and to produce a crop that’s healthy and nutritious.”