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In a nod to its roots, the Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association is renaming its blog FFVA Harvester. The Harvester was a monthly newsletter started in 1965 that was created to enhance FFVA’s communications with its membership.

The first issue of the Harvester was a one-page newsletter and featured a photograph of Miss Florida posing in a display of winter vegetables at FFVA’s 22nd Annual Convention. Other stories focused on a proposed Florida-Mexico joint promotion program for tomatoes, convention awards and a visit to Florida by the Agriculture Committee of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. George Wedgworth was FFVA’s president at the time, and the biggest issue facing the industry and the association was labor.

The Harvester grew to four pages soon after and remained that way until the early ‘90s, when the need to provide expanded information to members resulted in the development of a full-fledged magazine. The print magazine in stopped in 2001, when FFVA turned to a digital format.


Fast-forward to today, where The Harvester (formerly FFVA In Depth) complements the information available to its members through online publications such as The FFVA Voice and Today’s Headlines, member bulletins and an online member resource library.  What better way to honor FFVA’s roots than by returning to the name of our original member publication? We hope you enjoy it.

Morning Headlines: This digest of headlines is designed to bring attention to media coverage of the Florida agriculture industry and related issues. The stories and opinions included do not necessarily reflect the views of FFVA.

FFVA Harvester: FFVA's semi-monthly blog explores issues and trends, and spotlights the people and businesses who make agriculture strong.

The FFVA Voice: This weekly newsletter is distributed to all FFVA producer members, providing the latest information on industry developments as well as FFVA's activities on behalf of its membership.

Member Bulletins: Issued periodically by Labor Relations, Government Affairs, Water and Land, Supply Chain, and Production Management divisions, these member communiques provide new information and analysis on key issues affecting producers.

FFVA Connect: FFVA's member-only, online community for discussion in agriculture among our members and committee group forums.

Annual Report: Download the report  or watch the report video.
FFVA reports on its work throughout the previous year in important areas such as federal and state legislation, workforce needs and issues, crop protection tools, natural resources, marketing and communication.

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