Having an adequate workforce to plant and harvest crops is a top concern of Florida producers, and Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association's strength on labor issues is a key reason they join FFVA . FFVA leads the industry in providing agricultural labor services that can help employers find the workers they need.

Immigration reform

FFVA is a founding member of the Agriculture Workforce Coalition, which serves as the unified voice of agriculture in the effort to ensure that America’s farmers, ranchers and growers have access to a stable and secure workforce. Despite political headwinds in Washington, D.C., FFVA will remain at the forefront in pushing for immigration reform that includes a solution for agriculture. 

H-2A guest-worker visa program

Although the H-2A guest-worker visa program poses challenges, Florida growers increasingly rely on FFVA to help them access the program. FFVA served 34 members during the 2015-2016 growing season, filing 95 applications covering 16 states for a total of 8,837 workers. FFVA subsidiary company Florida East Coast Travel Services Inc., which also processes worker entry requirements and coordinates transportation, processed almost 7,000 H-2A farmworkers for the season. In the same period, FLECTS also processed 2,230 H-2B non-agricultural workers. 

Agricultural Labor Relations Forum

Through the Florida Specialty Crop Foundation’s annual Agricultural Labor Relations Forum, employers attend workshops addressing important labor issues. Sessions offer valuable insights on workers' compensation, I-9 audits, transportation regulations, the H-2A guest-worker program and more.


The division also regularly assists employers with compliance with the wide-ranging labor laws that affect agriculture: MSPA, OSHA, FLSA, IRCA and others, as well with general assistance on farm labor issues such as training and housing.

For more information about FFVA's Labor Relations Division, call 321-214-5200 or send an e-mail. For information on the H-2A program, email us or call 321-214-5200. 

For details about FLECTS, call 305-823-1146 or contact by email