Food Safety and Sustainability


Food Safety Resources

Produce Inspections for Regulators: Virtual Produce Tour -FDA put this video together for produce inspectors, regulators, growers, extension agents and others interested in produce inspections. The 38-minute video is put together in accordance with the Produce Safety Rule. 

Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) - Published Rules, Fact Sheets, FAQs 
Cornell University, National GAPS Program  - Educational materials, decision trees, checklists
Produce Safety Alliance - Farm food safety training materials, Farm risk assessment guides
Food Safety Preventative Controls Alliance - Facility food safety training materials, facility risk assessment guides
Bad Bug Book - FDA's guide to foodborne pathogenic microorganisms
CDC's Food borne Outbreak Online Database (FOOD) - A searchable database of outbreaks by commodity, state, microorganism
Center for Produce Safety - A searchable database by commodity or pathogen on produce food safety research
Penn State Extension - GAP reference materials, helpful food safety resources
On Farm Food Safety Project - Create a food safety manual using online tools
Mango Food Safety Training Kit - Training materials such as posters and forms to help train employees
Food Guidance Documents

Food Recall Resources

  • Are you ready for a recall?  (pdf)
  • The food recall questionnaire (pdf)
  • FDA Recalls: Federal Requirements and Expectations (video}
  • Food Safety Recall Workshop: Why Are You Here (video)
  • Are You Ready For A Recall? Supplier and Retail Expectations (video)
  • The Food Recall Manual - 2018 version
  • Traceability

    Produce Traceability Initiative

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